Compartment is a rental shop for stylists, photographers and others who work with photography.
    We have a wide range of ornaments, dishes, tablecloths and tableware from round the world.
    We are a member of fotom studio group, so can also provide shooting space.

    • marble board rex benato A marble board rex benato A
    • tea pot collextea pot
    • wood object wood object
    • marble board sandgold marble board sandgold
    • marble board sandwhite marble board sandwhite
    • Rohns Rug The Rug RepublicRohns Rug
    • Solid Shapes 01 poster NEW Nina BruunSolid Shapes 01 poster
    • wall clock MENUwall clock
    • handmade vase white Morandihandmade vase white
    • poster NEW Annemarieke Van Drimmelenposter
    • Ours blanc Francois PomponOurs blanc
    • balancing blocks Fort Standardbalancing blocks
    • Sketchbook Abstracts 01 poster NEW Jonas WagellSketchbook Abstracts 01 poster
    • handmade vase yellow Morandihandmade vase yellow
    • handmade vase brown Morandihandmade vase brown
    • plaster cone plaster cone
    • straight vase HK livingstraight vase
    • object vase HK livingobject vase
    • art poster Cy Twomblyart poster
    • Plaster statue ball NEW Hori Plaster Statue ProductionPlaster statue ball
    • cart NEW vintagecart
    • step NEW step
    • marble plate M STONEDmarble plate M
    • cotton throw cotton throw
    • keramiikkaa vase small Jatta Lavikeramiikkaa vase small
    • brass vase Archivandobrass vase
    • AML Stool Pine FRAMAAML Stool Pine
    • kitchen canister S SCOPEkitchen canister S
    • kitchen canister M SCOPEkitchen canister M
    • wood sugar&salt wood sugar&salt
    • Spice bottle S  Spice bottle S
    • Spice bottle M  Spice bottle M
    • LED table lamp MenuLED table lamp
    • toy car black M Playforevertoy car black M
    • wood object  wood object
    • Horn objest  Horn objest
    • Medea Chair B Vittorio NobiliMedea Chair B
    • dessert folk Luedessert folk
    • vintage lamp vintage lamp
    • Rattan tray oval L Rattan tray oval L
    • 470 PILOTTA Lounge chair NEW Cassina470 PILOTTA Lounge chair
    • container Kelacontainer
    • stone C Shuchikudostone C
    • slim vase LSAslim vase
    • reuse glass vase C Horn Pleasereuse glass vase C
    • vase L 3RD CERAMICSvase L
    • glass vase Hubschglass vase
    • vase BLOOMINGVILLEvase
    • paperweight Ikuko Maedapaperweight
    • Cedar egg katsumata mokuzaiCedar egg
    • Nickel plating hanger M Nickel plating hanger M
    • stone B  stone B


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