Compartment is a rental shop for stylists, photographers and others who work with photography.
    We have a wide range of ornaments, dishes, tablecloths and tableware from round the world.
    We are a member of fotom studio group, so can also provide shooting space.

    • wide vase LSAwide vase
    • arm chair NEW Peter Hvidt & O.M.Nilsenarm chair
    • dessert spoon Aizawadessert spoon
    • unjour cup Yumiko Iihoshiunjour cup
    • wine glass yumiko iihoshiwine glass
    • Noisette GRATIN DISH RimoutNoisette GRATIN DISH
    • GOA black dessert fork CutipolGOA black dessert fork
    • GOA black dessert spoon CutipolGOA black dessert spoon
    • Square plate L KIHARASquare plate L
    • kitchen cloth Lino e Linakitchen cloth
    • plate L CANVAS HOMEplate L
    • plate M CANVAS HOMEplate M
    • commons & sense issue 11 NEW cubecommons & sense issue 11
    • cake stand sabi fractalcake stand sabi
    • kitchen cloth Krachtkitchen cloth
    • kitchen cloth Lino e Linakitchen cloth
    • Soup plate Astier de VillatteSoup plate
    • Koka plate S RorstrandKoka plate S
    • Spanish handmade plate S Spanish handmade plate S
    • plate S CANVAS HOMEplate S
    • plate A Tetsuya Ohashiplate A
    • maru plate Yumiko Iihoshimaru plate
    • Teema plate light gray S iittalaTeema plate light gray S
    • wood square plate NEW Masashi Ifujiwood square plate
    • Arctica flat plate ARABIAArctica flat plate
    • plate M SyuRoplate M
    • square wood plate Okubo housesquare wood plate
    • kuro plate S HARVESTkuro plate S
    • plate L 3RD CERAMICSplate L
    • CRAZE plate HARVESTCRAZE plate
    • cake plate B&Gcake plate
    • cake stand MOTTAcake stand
    • tea pot Keiko Nakamuratea pot
    • Terre cup masamura craftTerre cup
    • Cedar cube katsumata mokuzaiCedar cube
    • cesca chair with armrest Marcel Breuercesca chair with armrest
    • plaster cube plaster cube
    • aglio rock glass Daidaiaglio rock glass
    • clear glass S clear glass S
    • walnut tumbler DAIDAIwalnut tumbler
    • bouquetlarge vase COVENT GARDENbouquetlarge vase
    • LED電球 ハロゲンランプ形 A LED電球 ハロゲンランプ形 A
    • LED電球 ハロゲンランプ形 B LED電球 ハロゲンランプ形 B
    • spotlight YAZAWAspotlight
    • hair comb S ACCA KAPPAhair comb S
    • gold clock HOWARD MILLERgold clock
    • vase muurlavase
    • marble cutting board Bloomingvillemarble cutting board
    • PLUMP pot KINTOPLUMP pot
    • Rattan basket round M Rattan basket round M
    • onigiri chopstick rest aoto kilnonigiri chopstick rest


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