• DESIGN WITH LIGHT vase NEW Holmegaard
    • bunch vase LSA
      bunch vase
    • stem vase LSA
      stem vase
    • curve vase
      curve vase
    • sandglass
    • christmas tree Baccarat
      christmas tree
    • vintage small bottle
      vintage small bottle
    • Flora long vase M Holmegaard
      Flora long vase M
    • Flora long vase S Holmegaard
      Flora long vase S
    • kiki Stock glass E DRAMA STUDIO
      kiki Stock glass E
    • kiki Stock glass C DRAMA STUDIO
      kiki Stock glass C
    • kiki Stock glass B NEW DRAMA STUDIO
      kiki Stock glass B
    • glass vase  
      glass vase
    • glass vase Hubsch
      glass vase
    • snow globe Martin Margiela
      snow globe
    • Flora short vase Holmegaard
      Flora short vase
    • bouquetcylinder L NEW COVENT GARDEN
      bouquetcylinder L
    • bouquetcylinder M COVENT GARDEN
      bouquetcylinder M
    • bouquetcylinder S NEW COVENT GARDEN
      bouquetcylinder S
    • bouquetlarge vase NEW COVENT GARDEN
      bouquetlarge vase
    • bouquet vase L NEW LSA
      bouquet vase L
    • bouquet vase S NEW LSA
      bouquet vase S
    • walnut glass vase Daidai
      walnut glass vase
    • white lapis lazuli vase  
      white lapis lazuli vase
    • VINUM bourgogne glass RIEDEL
      VINUM bourgogne glass
    • VINUM chardonnay glass RIEDEL
      VINUM chardonnay glass
    • VINUM champagne glass RIEDEL
      VINUM champagne glass
    • Small octagon bowl NEW Yoshimi Taniguchi
      Small octagon bowl
    • Nine square sake cup NEW Yoshimi Taniguchi
      Nine square sake cup
    • Ten square pitcher NEW Yoshimi Taniguchi
      Ten square pitcher
    • champagne glass NEW Astier de Villatte
      champagne glass
    • Glass Bottle HOLMEGAARD
      Glass Bottle
    • rocks glass sghr
      rocks glass
    • OCT jug M KINTO
      OCT jug M
    • OCT jug L KINTO
      OCT jug L
    • CAST jug L KINTO
      CAST jug L
    • CAST jug M KINTO
      CAST jug M
    • UNITEA cup M KINTO
      UNITEA cup M
    • Tsaikka cup iittala
      Tsaikka cup
    • clear glass L
      clear glass L
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