Compartment is a rental shop for stylists, photographers and others who work with photography.
    We have a wide range of ornaments, dishes, tablecloths and tableware from round the world.
    We are a member of fotom studio group, so can also provide shooting space.

    • cup&saucer KINTOcup&saucer
    • steak knife Arte in olivosteak knife
    • dessert knife Aizawadessert knife
    • wood bowl S Urban Nature Culturewood bowl S
    • wood bowl M Urban Nature Culturewood bowl M
    • wood bowl L Urban Nature Culturewood bowl L
    • acacia wood cutting board  acacia wood cutting board
    • cutting board HAMPSON WOODScutting board
    • bamboo butter knife uedayabamboo butter knife
    • white square plate Sugaya Tairawhite square plate
    • Lempi wine glass ittalaLempi wine glass
    • small bowl B&Gsmall bowl
    • coffee pot NILS JOHANcoffee pot
    • drip kettle HARIOdrip kettle
    • Tunturi pot ARABIATunturi pot
    • TSUYU wine glass TIME & STYLETSUYU wine glass
    • aglio rock glass Daidaiaglio rock glass
    • walnut glass Daidaiwalnut glass
    • wine glass KIMURA GLASSwine glass
    • wine glass ToraUrupwine glass
    • cup&decanter KIMURA GLASScup&decanter
    • clear glass S clear glass S
    • clear glass L clear glass L
    • flute glass Astier de Villatteflute glass
    • rocks glass sghrrocks glass
    • Nine square sake cup Yoshimi TaniguchiNine square sake cup
    • champagne glass Astier de Villattechampagne glass
    • White lapis lazuli glass White lapis lazuli glass
    • White lapis lazuli glass Ai MurayamaWhite lapis lazuli glass
    • White lapis lazuli glass White lapis lazuli glass
    • VINUM champagne glass RIEDELVINUM champagne glass
    • VINUM chardonnay glass RIEDELVINUM chardonnay glass
    • VINUM bourgogne glass RIEDELVINUM bourgogne glass
    • walnut glass vase Daidaiwalnut glass vase
    • cup collexcup
    • tea pot collextea pot
    • chambord press BODUMchambord press
    • chambord press BODUMchambord press
    • Brewer stand set KINTOBrewer stand set
    • coffee maker CHEMEXcoffee maker
    • coffee dripper KONOcoffee dripper
    • wine glass NEW yumiko iihoshiwine glass
    • coupe glass L NEW yumiko iihoshicoupe glass L
    • sweets glass S NEW yumiko iihoshisweets glass S
    • sweets glass L NEW yumiko iihoshisweets glass L
    • vintage tablelamp NEW vintage tablelamp
    • bulb vase blue S NEW Gullaskrufbulb vase blue S
    • bulb vase brown S NEW Gullaskrufbulb vase brown S
    • bulb vase blue M NEW Gullaskrufbulb vase blue M
    • bulb vase green M NEW Gullaskrufbulb vase green M
    • bulb vase purple M NEW Gullaskrufbulb vase purple M
    • bulb vase purple M NEW Gullaskrufbulb vase purple M


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