Compartment is a rental shop for stylists, photographers and others who work with photography.
    We have a wide range of ornaments, dishes, tablecloths and tableware from round the world.
    We are a member of fotom studio group, so can also provide shooting space.

    • indigo small cup Keiko Nakamuraindigo small cup
    • cup&decanter KIMURA GLASScup&decanter
    • Lempi wine glass ittalaLempi wine glass
    • TSUYU wine glass TIME & STYLETSUYU wine glass
    • GOA dessert fork NEW CutipolGOA dessert fork
    • GOA dessert knife NEW CutipolGOA dessert knife
    • kitchen cloth NEW SyuRokitchen cloth
    • Ours blanc NEW Francois PomponOurs blanc
    • scarf hanger fog linen workscarf hanger
    • kiki Stock glass C NEW DRAMA STUDIOkiki Stock glass C
    • kiki Stock glass E NEW DRAMA STUDIOkiki Stock glass E
    • Kami Saucer NEW Takahashi KogeiKami Saucer
    • Triangle cup  Triangle cup
    • plate S NEW Astier de Villatteplate S
    • Soup plate NEW Astier de VillatteSoup plate
    • Salad bowl NEW Astier de VillatteSalad bowl
    • plate M masamura craftplate M
    • cup S NEW Takayuki Watanabecup S
    • plate S masamura craftplate S
    • sugar bowl B&Gsugar bowl
    • cup M NEW Takayuki Watanabecup M
    • plate L 3RD CERAMICSplate L
    • round plate M Rosenthalround plate M
    • plate L masamura craftplate L
    • Square plate S KIHARASquare plate S
    • bowl Kaj Franckbowl
    • kasumi plate S frescokasumi plate S
    • bowl L NEW Takayuki Watanabebowl L
    • Square plate L KIHARASquare plate L
    • Long plate L KIHARALong plate L
    • kasumi plate frescokasumi plate
    • wood bowl Kodakumi Sonobewood bowl
    • plate S MEISSENplate S
    • cake plate MEISSENcake plate
    • kuro plate S HARVESTkuro plate S
    • Square plate M KIHARASquare plate M
    • ramen bowl Yuta Miyazakiramen bowl
    • Marble style plate NEW icoiMarble style plate
    • small bowl B&Gsmall bowl
    • deep bowl Yoshio Kangawadeep bowl
    • small curry dish SUIYOUsmall curry dish
    • kasumi bowl frescokasumi bowl
    • Spanish handmade plate S Spanish handmade plate S
    • Spanish handmade plate M Spanish handmade plate M
    • wood bowl Mutsumi Gotowood bowl
    • Small plate JICONSmall plate
    • oblong plate CANVAS HOMEoblong plate
    • bowl S Souji Tsurumibowl S
    • bowl CANVAS HOMEbowl
    • plate S CANVAS HOMEplate S
    • plate M CANVAS HOMEplate M
    • plate L CANVAS HOMEplate L


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