Compartment is a rental shop for stylists, photographers and others who work with photography.
    We have a wide range of ornaments, dishes, tablecloths and tableware from round the world.
    We are a member of fotom studio group, so can also provide shooting space.

    • marble cube STONEDmarble cube
    • cube object STONEDcube object
    • marble board S Georg Jensenmarble board S
    • plate white Framaplate white
    • cup&decanter KIMURA GLASScup&decanter
    • walnut tumbler DAIDAIwalnut tumbler
    • Hover bowl L MENUHover bowl L
    • MINE bowl kosta bodaMINE bowl
    • glass bowl NEW Oyabu Miyoglass bowl
    • Bowl S Jonas LindholmBowl S
    • flat plate Oe Norikazuflat plate
    • Linen flat sheets double Linen flat sheets double
    • top beige chopsticks top beige chopsticks
    • chopstick rest grafchopstick rest
    • dinner knife LUNDTOFTEdinner knife
    • dinner fork LUNDTOFTEdinner fork
    • white plate Kahlerwhite plate
    • vintage wood cuttingboard vintage wood cuttingboard
    • Sara square plate L SAKUZANSara square plate L
    • plate M SyuRoplate M
    • CRAZE plate HARVESTCRAZE plate
    • shiro plate M HARVESTshiro plate M
    • marble board Perlino Caro B marble board Perlino Caro B
    • kiki camphor pot DRAMA STUDIOkiki camphor pot
    • stone B  stone B
    • grass bird object Oiva Toikkagrass bird object
    • Cedar egg katsumata mokuzaiCedar egg
    • vase marimekkovase
    • stone C Shuchikudostone C
    • cake stand sabi fractalcake stand sabi
    • coaster LIND DNAcoaster
    • wood ball L NEW wood ball L
    • stone art work e Tomoko Hayashistone art work e
    • KRISTINA DAM Desk sculpture set Desk sculpture setKRISTINA DAM Desk sculpture set
    • white board M STONEDwhite board M
    • stone A uedayastone A
    • cement plate S SHOP COPACKcement plate S
    • square plate abekisquare plate
    • unjour yuki plate SS Yumiko Iihoshiunjour yuki plate SS
    • teema plate white SS iittalateema plate white SS
    • slim mirror slim mirror
    • bath towel M bath towel M
    • hairbrush M REDECKERhairbrush M
    • container Kelacontainer
    • Tile board honeycomb Tile board honeycomb
    • handmade vase light blue Morandihandmade vase light blue
    • Populism Browns EditionsPopulism
    • cup Jonas Lindholmcup
    • Mary Poppins, She Wrote Valerie LawsonMary Poppins, She Wrote
    • Rondo teapot DENBYRondo teapot


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