Compartment is a rental shop for stylists, photographers and others who work with photography.
    We have a wide range of ornaments, dishes, tablecloths and tableware from round the world.
    We are a member of fotom studio group, so can also provide shooting space.

    • hanger plain studio m'hanger plain
    • shirts hanger fog linen workshirts hanger
    • scarf hanger fog linen workscarf hanger
    • snow globe merci Gustave!snow globe
    • cutting board Azumayacutting board
    • polar bear mini Lisa Larsonpolar bear mini
    • Bowl M Jonas LindholmBowl M
    • silver bowl NAMBEsilver bowl
    • oval plate L Yumiko Iihoshioval plate L
    • oval plate M Yumiko Iihoshioval plate M
    • oval plate S Yumiko Iihoshioval plate S
    • grass bird object Oiva Toikkagrass bird object
    • Nambu ironware bird Nobuho MiyaNambu ironware bird
    • Pottery Karl Heinz ARABIAPottery Karl Heinz
    • Mulet Line bowl S POTPURRIMulet Line bowl S
    • Mulet Line bowl M POTPURRIMulet Line bowl M
    • Mulet Line plate L POTPURRIMulet Line plate L
    • Mulet Line plate S POTPURRIMulet Line plate S
    • soup bowl L JICONsoup bowl L
    • soup bowl M JICONsoup bowl M
    • Cara wood plate M TakahashiCara wood plate M
    • Cara wood plate L TakahashiCara wood plate L
    • indigo bowl Keiko Nakamuraindigo bowl
    • indigo plate M Keiko Nakamuraindigo plate M
    • indigo small cup Keiko Nakamuraindigo small cup
    • Curry dish AOYOSHICurry dish
    • small bowl Atsu Hirokawasmall bowl
    • stonecast plate CHURCHILLstonecast plate
    • stonecast triangle plate CHURCHILLstonecast triangle plate
    • aglio rock glass Daidaiaglio rock glass
    • mug cup Junichi Mashikomug cup
    • walnut glass Daidaiwalnut glass
    • Small plate Masanobu AndoSmall plate
    • wine glass KIMURA GLASSwine glass
    • wine glass ToraUrupwine glass
    • wood bowl Mutsumi Gotowood bowl
    • Small plate JICONSmall plate
    • indigo plate L Keiko Nakamuraindigo plate L
    • cup&saucer DENBYcup&saucer
    • deep bowl Margaretenhohedeep bowl
    • Awagesyo plate S kichiemonAwagesyo plate S
    • plate M Rorstrandplate M
    • bowl Rorstrandbowl
    • small bowl B&Gsmall bowl
    • Karelia plate L ARABIAKarelia plate L
    • indigo plate LL Keiko Nakamuraindigo plate LL
    • shiro plate M HARVESTshiro plate M
    • kuro plate S HARVESTkuro plate S
    • Awagesyo plate M kichiemonAwagesyo plate M
    • CRAZE plate HARVESTCRAZE plate
    • cup&saucer Stavangerflint Brunetcup&saucer


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