Compartment is a rental shop for stylists, photographers and others who work with photography.
    We have a wide range of ornaments, dishes, tablecloths and tableware from round the world.
    We are a member of fotom studio group, so can also provide shooting space.

    • plate L 3RD CERAMICSplate L
    • plate M SyuRoplate M
    • Arctica flat plate ARABIAArctica flat plate
    • Noisette plate S RimoutNoisette plate S
    • plate M 3RD CERAMICSplate M
    • Awagesyo plate M kichiemonAwagesyo plate M
    • Noisette plate M RimoutNoisette plate M
    • flat plate Oe Norikazuflat plate
    • kuro plate S HARVESTkuro plate S
    • OCT jug M KINTOOCT jug M
    • Bowl M Jonas LindholmBowl M
    • mango cutting board mango cutting board
    • acacia cutting board acacia cutting board
    • Koko oval plate ARABIAKoko oval plate
    • wine glass ToraUrupwine glass
    • washcloth KAMEDAJIMAwashcloth
    • kitchen cloth Lino e Linakitchen cloth
    • kitchen cloth Lino e Linakitchen cloth
    • kitchen cloth Lino e Linakitchen cloth
    • GOA dinner knife CutipolGOA dinner knife
    • GOA dinner spoon CutipolGOA dinner spoon
    • GOA dinner fork CutipolGOA dinner fork
    • Laguiole knife Jean DubostLaguiole knife
    • Laguiole fork Jean DubostLaguiole fork
    • steak knife Arte in olivosteak knife
    • Laguiole spoon Jean DubostLaguiole spoon
    • unjour plate SS Yumiko Iihoshiunjour plate SS
    • unjour plate S Yumiko Iihoshiunjour plate S
    • acacia wood cutting board  acacia wood cutting board
    • Ballpoint pen SHEAFFERBallpoint pen
    • marble board S Georg Jensenmarble board S
    • Teema cup&saucer iittalaTeema cup&saucer
    • cup&saucer ARABIAcup&saucer
    • notebook A5 notebook A5
    • notebook A6 notebook A6
    • olive board EADOolive board
    • stone art work e Tomoko Hayashistone art work e
    • vintage wood hanger A vintage wood hanger A
    • make brush BACHCAmake brush
    • hairbrush S REDECKERhairbrush S
    • toothbrush set NEW go welltoothbrush set
    • brass miller NEW brass miller
    • round brush john masters organicsround brush
    • hairbrush REDECKERhairbrush
    • face towel NEW face towel
    • soap dish Kelasoap dish
    • toothbrush stand Kelatoothbrush stand
    • Soap dispenser KelaSoap dispenser
    • hair brush john masters organicshair brush
    • hairbrush M REDECKERhairbrush M
    • body blash Hikerenbody blash
    • horn comb Kostkammhorn comb


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