Compartment is a rental shop for stylists, photographers and others who work with photography.
    We have a wide range of ornaments, dishes, tablecloths and tableware from round the world.
    We are a member of fotom studio group, so can also provide shooting space.

    • Hippopotame Francois PomponHippopotame
    • grass bird object B Oiva Toikkagrass bird object B
    • terrazzo round plate SERAXterrazzo round plate
    • guest towel kontexguest towel
    • face towel NEW face towel
    • soap dish NEW Kelasoap dish
    • toothbrush Humble Brushtoothbrush
    • hairbrush REDECKERhairbrush
    • small plate SAKUZANsmall plate
    • unjour plate SS Yumiko Iihoshiunjour plate SS
    • tori plate yumiko iihoshitori plate
    • marble board M Georg Jensenmarble board M
    • deep bowl M Kaoru Matsumotodeep bowl M
    • vintage hand mirror teak NEW vintage hand mirror teak
    • vintage toothbrush white NEW ACCA KAPPAvintage toothbrush white
    • detangling comb NEW MASON PEARSONdetangling comb
    • toothbrush green Kanaya Brushtoothbrush green
    • MARVIS toothpaste MARVISMARVIS toothpaste
    • CM shampoo NEW AesopCM shampoo
    • vase S Sororivase S
    • brass vase Archivandobrass vase
    • crop basket NEW Encachettecrop basket
    • chevron visual blanket MANTECASchevron visual blanket
    • makeup mirror NEW mirror
    • walnut glass vase Daidaiwalnut glass vase
    • art poster Cy Twomblyart poster
    • glass jar L glass jar L
    • glass jar S glass jar S
    • round plate Kaoru Matsumotoround plate
    • deep bowl M Kaoru Matsumotodeep bowl M
    • deep bowl Kaoru Matsumotodeep bowl
    • deep bowl L Kaoru Matsumotodeep bowl L
    • deep bowl M Kaoru Matsumotodeep bowl M
    • vase vase
    • handmade vase yellow NEW Morandihandmade vase yellow
    • Carl Harry Stalhane vase RorstrandCarl Harry Stalhane vase
    • grass bird object Oiva Toikkagrass bird object
    • Fine Weave Jute Rug Fine Weave Jute Rug
    • standing mirror MOEBEstanding mirror
    • hair brush john masters organicshair brush
    • vase Maiko Yoshidavase
    • Diamond Weave Jute Rug Diamond Weave Jute Rug
    • CAOLINA white vase NEW RorstrandCAOLINA white vase
    • plaster isosceles piramid plaster isosceles piramid
    • Benu PHAIDONBenu
    • Square plate L KIHARASquare plate L
    • coaster LIND DNAcoaster
    • case LASCOcase
    • reuse glass vase A Horn Pleasereuse glass vase A
    • slim vase LSAslim vase
    • walnut glass vase long circle DAIDAIwalnut glass vase long circle
    • wood hair comb Kostkammwood hair comb


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