Compartment is a rental shop for stylists, photographers and others who work with photography.
    We have a wide range of ornaments, dishes, tablecloths and tableware from round the world.
    We are a member of fotom studio group, so can also provide shooting space.

    • kiki camphor pot DRAMA STUDIOkiki camphor pot
    • Gunnar Nylund vase NEW RorstrandGunnar Nylund vase
    • XO DSGN oval vase NEW oval vaseXO DSGN oval vase
    • vase BLOOMINGVILLEvase
    • terrazzo round plate SERAXterrazzo round plate
    • chopstick rest OZAWA MOSAIC WORKSchopstick rest
    • stone B NEW  stone B
    • top black chopsticks NEW top black chopsticks
    • top beige chopsticks NEW top beige chopsticks
    • flip clock NEW COPALflip clock
    • 1920 R stool NEW Terry Dwan1920 R stool
    • face object face object
    • rubens puzzle NEW tree maderubens puzzle
    • Flora short vase HolmegaardFlora short vase
    • coffee maker CHEMEXcoffee maker
    • vintage mirror vintage mirror
    • unjour cup Yumiko Iihoshiunjour cup
    • Studio-line vase RosenthalStudio-line vase
    • Studio-line vase RosenthalStudio-line vase
    • Moroccan rug A Moroccan rug A
    • Moroccan rug B Moroccan rug B
    • BeniOurain rug NEW BeniOurain rug
    • VINUM bourgogne glass RIEDELVINUM bourgogne glass
    • VINUM chardonnay glass RIEDELVINUM chardonnay glass
    • VINUM champagne glass RIEDELVINUM champagne glass
    • coffee cup aoto kilncoffee cup
    • vintage stand mirror vintage stand mirror
    • vintage table mirror vintage table mirror
    • vintage mirror vintage mirror
    • vintage mirror vintage mirror
    • shiro plate M HARVESTshiro plate M
    • DUNA knife CutipolDUNA knife
    • DUNA dessert fork CutipolDUNA dessert fork
    • kitchen cloth fog linen workkitchen cloth
    • kitchen cloth fog linen workkitchen cloth
    • Walnut wood server NEW Okubo houseWalnut wood server
    • walnut ladle NEW Okubo housewalnut ladle
    • bamboo rice spatula NEW uedayabamboo rice spatula
    • dessert fork Aizawadessert fork
    • dessert spoon Aizawadessert spoon
    • dessert knife Aizawadessert knife
    • straight salad server Arte in olivostraight salad server
    • kasumi bowl frescokasumi bowl
    • kasumi plate S frescokasumi plate S
    • kasumi plate frescokasumi plate
    • Timo Sarpaneva bird bottle iittalaTimo Sarpaneva bird bottle
    • oblong cutting board L Obiloblong cutting board L
    • wooden bird object Osamu Hariharawooden bird object
    • wooden bird object DRAMA STUDIOwooden bird object
    • soy sauce bottle NEW Kenichi Ohesoy sauce bottle
    • Lempi wine glass ittalaLempi wine glass


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